Sunday, January 12, 2014

File Divorce

Arthur Augustine
At least half the marriages in San Antonio end up in divorce.  Some right away or like others they live apart for many years before finally hiring a skilled San Antonio Divorce Attorney to make the process quick and simple.

Truth is that most people do prefer a quick divorce but that is not always possible because of factors surrounding the couple.   Let's take a minute to discuss issues that usually arise when two people decide to end their marriage.

1.  Property Division: Anytime two people spend years together they begin to save, buy properties, furniture and even life insurance.  All of this must be divided & even issues with separate property become an issue.

2.  Child Custody: When you have kids and the marriage ends you need to hire a skilled San Antonio Child Custody Attorney right away.  This will minimize the emotional impact on the children.

3.  Child Support: Every child is entitled to support and we fight very hard every day to make sure they get what they deserve.

Finally lets discuss the most common grounds for divorce:

1. Adultery:  Anytime one or both parties are having affairs it's time to move on.  The courts will usually process the divorce without delay.

2. Abandonment: When one spouse just picks up and leaves for an extended period of time the courts will always allow one or both to get divorced.

3. Domestic Violence: This changes the dynamic, our female San Antonio Divorce Lawyer will quickly file a restraining order and ask the courts to immediately issue the divorce.

Face it many people after a period of time grow apart, for really no reason at all have grown to dislike one another.  Anytime this happens the courts will quickly move to end the marriage.